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Concussion Awareness and Resources:

Experts recognize concussions as "invisible" injuries which disrupt the brain's normal physiology and can affect mental stamina and function, causing the brain to work longer and harder to complete even simple tasks. For example, a student may receive a concussion from a blow, bump, or jolt to the head or any fall or hit that jars the brain. A concussion may involve losing consciousness (being "knocked out"), but most do not. Ultimately, ALL concussions are serious because they are brain injuries!Westwind School Division is committed to the health, safety and overall well-being of its students and staff. Administrative Procedure 314: Concussions in our AP handbook guides our processes surrounding concussions, supported by several concussion resources. These resources, available in the document and the Athletics section of our website, support our Westwind families and staff in preventing, identifying and managing concussions. We strongly encourage our Westwind families to review the parent responsibilities outlined in Administrative Procedure 314: Concussions and the resources provided. If you have any questions, please get in touch with your school.

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