Our School

Our school is spread across three different campuses: Cardston, Magrath and Raymond. We also provide once-a-week in-school support at the Stirling School.

OUTREACH 10 - 12

Outreach programs are specifically designed to meet the flexible delivery options needed by some high school students. Courses are fully accredited 

Delivery methods are designed around a one room school model. Student teacher ratios are kept low.  This ensures support is concentrated and campus time is always efficient.

Making Learning Meaningful

Personalized Education Program (PEP) (Print-based Distance Learning and Distance Learning) 1 - 9

This program is a teacher-directed, learning-team approach to education for Grades 1 - 8.  Students, parents, teachers, classmates and families work together to foster a dynamic learning environment that follows the Alberta Program of Studies

** Please see the new Refreshed PEP program

brochure and Q&A Sheet. **


Structure & Flexibility


This program enables parents to design, deliver, assess and supervise a complete educational program. Content goals, while fairly general, are clearly specified by the Alberta Home Education Regulation. Parents write & submit  a program plan. At two scheduled times during the year, they provide evidence of learning progress to the facilitating teacher for evaluation of the program.

Freedom and Independence