Our School

Our school is spread across three different campuses: Cardston, Magrath and Raymond. We also provide once-a-week in-school support at the Stirling School.


Outreach programs are specifically designed to meet the flexible delivery options needed by some high school students. Courses are fully accredited 

Delivery methods are designed around a one room school model. Student teacher ratios are kept low.  This ensures support is concentrated and campus time is always efficient.

Making Learning Meaningful

Personalized Education Program (PEP) (Print-based Distance Learning and Distance Learning) 1-9

This program is a teacher-directed, learning-team approach to education for Grades 1 - 9.  Students, parents, teachers, classmates and families work together to foster a dynamic learning environment that follows the Alberta Program of Studies.  Teachers may access up to $1400 of school funds to help support the each student's education program. A student centred teaching program that provides options, structure and gives families added freedom of choice to make resource and educational style  choices for their children as well as the opportunity to focus more on specific child and family areas of interest.

Freedom via Choice


This program enables parents to design, deliver, assess and supervise a complete educational program. Content goals, while fairly general, are clearly specified by the Alberta Home Education Regulation. Parents write & submit  a program plan. At two scheduled times during the year, they provide evidence of learning progress to the facilitating teacher for evaluation of the program.

Freedom and Independence