PEP/SRP Celebration of Learning

Face to Face or ZOOM Celebration of Learning







Grades 1-6 End of The Month (Raymond) and Thursday (Cardston)


    • Students and parents will meet at the end of each month (schedule is emailed to parents) for a student led celebration of learning.  A student led conference is an opportunity for students to share with their teachers the exciting things they are learning at home. During the 20 minute conference, the child is the main facilitator. They will choose 3 artifacts (one language, one math, one social studies or science) to highlight and explain why the learning arising from that activity was meaningful to them. Any remaining time in the 20 minute slot can be spent on additional highlights from chosen curriculum, family field trips, vacations, and hobbies. Some parents and students find it helpful to set the presentation up in Google Slides or keynote. It’s entirely up to each family how they would like to present their learnings. 


Grades 7-9

  • Every 3rd Monday of the month, our students have an opportunity to share their at-home learning in a group tutorial by Zoom. We are also eager to meet one-on-one with students during tutorial times (Cardston - Monday afternoons, Raymond - Thursday all day) to help with at-home or at-school learning and to celebrate their learning.