Student Centered Teaching

This programs offers flexible, learning team-based delivery options that some students need to successfully complete elementary and junior high school. 

WAS Distance Learning (620) program is a teacher-directed, learning-team approach to education for Grades 1 - 9.  Students, parents, teachers, classmates and families work together to foster a dynamic learning environment that covers Alberta curriculum.  WAS has up to $1400/student to support the education program.

Registration Form

Curriculum Checklists

All registrations must be approved by the Westwind Alternate School principal.  Teachers in each campus will provide parents with divisional registration forms and WAS 620 expectations, guidelines & criteria.

DL 620 process for parents

  • Understand  and agree to the program criteria and expectations.
  • Fill out registration form and division paperwork.
  • Read the school funding guidelines.
  • Notify the resident school of your intent.

DL 620 Criteria

  • Meet the Alberta Program of Studies learning outcomes for the four core subjects - math, language arts, social studies, and science - at an appropriate grade level.
  • Complete assignments recommended by the teacher.
  • Submit student learning samples for assessment by the teacher on a regular basis.
  • Complete assessments as determined by the teacher. These may include: ExamBank quizzes/tests; Let's Go Learn reading and/or math assessment; Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) Grades 6 and 9; Student Learning

DL 620 Benefits

  • Team approach to learning.
  • Individualized student program plan.
  • Small-group and one-on-one teacher helps, as available.
  • Access to a variety of classes offered by WAS.
  • Access to classes at your resident school for a nominal fee.
  • Access to school resources.
  • Clear outcomes to guide learning.
  • Teacher guidance to next stages of a student’s education.