Personalized Education Program

Personalized Education Program

This program offers flexible learning and team-based delivery options that some students need to successfully complete elementary and junior high school. 

WAS Personalized Education Program (PEP) (Distance Learning / Print Based Distance Learning) (code 620) program is a teacher-directed, learning-team approach to education for Grades 1 - 9.  Students, parents, teachers, classmates and families work together to foster a dynamic learning environment that follows the Alberta Program of Studies.  Teachers may access up to $1400 of school funds to support the each student's education program.

On-line Registration

Curriculum Checklists

All registrations must be approved by the Westwind Alternate School principal. Student registration and annual registration up dates are to be completed on-line here. Teachers in each campus will provide parents with WAS PEP program expectations, guidelines & criteria.

PEP (code 620) start up procedures for parents

  • Meet with a program teacher and/or the school principal to discuss this option.
  • Understand and agree to the program criteria and expectations.
  • Complete the WWSD on-line registration.
  • Read the school funding guidelines.
  • Notify the resident school of your intent.

PEP (code 620) Criteria

  • Follow the Alberta Program of Studies learning outcomes at an appropriate grade level.
  • Complete assignments recommended by the teacher.
  • Student learning samples are submitted to the teacher for assessment on a regular basis as determined by the teacher.
  • Diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments are undertaken by the student as determined by the teacher. These may include, but are certainly not limited to: ExamBank quizzes/tests; Let's Go Learn reading and/or math assessment;
  • The writing of Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) Grades 6 and 9, are required.

PEP (code 620) Benefits

  • Team approach to learning.
  • Individualized student program plan.
  • Small-group and one-on-one teacher helps, as available.
  • Daily (M-F) teacher availability. (School hours 8:30am - 3:30pm - except holidays)
  • Access to a variety of classes offered by WAS.
  • Access to classes at your resident school. (Joint Programming Option) depends on space availability. 
  • Access to school resources.
  • Clear outcomes to guide learning.
  • Teacher guidance to next stages of a student’s education.