Minor Construction project being completed to enable WAS Creative Lounge

Maintenance guys, Justin & Mike were in the building over the last couple of weeks cutting in a new door and an arch-way, moving plugin boxes and raising the floor for a portion our new CREATIVE LOUNGE. Nathan put down the new flooring and we are just about ready to go. The WAS Creative Lounge will host our two Artists in Residence, Grant Spotted Bull and Nathan Smith, in a fine art room and a digital art room which our students are encouraged to visit, hang out, chat with the Artists/Mentors and try their hand at some art. The Sound Studio and small kitchen are included also. (Mr. DeVuyst is hoping someone will bake cookies up there). Starting next week we will be inviting and encouraging parents to drop in, check it out and visit with the Artists and staff. Much more to come on this innovative and exciting development at WAS.