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WAS introduces new School Logo

On November 23rd WAS hosted a celebration luncheon which included all WAS staff, invited guests from the division's central office as well as School Board Trustees. At this event Mr. Nathan Smith and Mr. DeVuyst unveiled our new school logo. Nathan is an Artist in Residence in WAS's innovative mentorship program for students, he specializes in digital art and is the creator of our new logo and all the digital design and usage elements that go with it. Nathan sat in on numerous of our staff meetings and discussions relating to our formulating new Vision, Mission and Values statements for the school. From these meetings, and discussions with some of the WAS staff, ideas for the new visual branding began to emerge. " 'A' is the focus, celebrating "Alternate", 'A' extends outside of the circle as a nod to "outside of the box" and the 'A' has similar design elements to the Anarchy symbol but with added order denoting balance between chaos and order". 

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