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School Council Introductions - Tobi Lyons, Chair

October 6, 2021
Good Day Parents of Westwind Alternate School!

I am pleased to introduce the 2021/2022 WAS School Council to you. Thank you to all who volunteered and were elected to serve. This group represents 600, 621 and outreach parents from all across the division, and includes parents, teachers and students. I hope they are excited to serve as I am!

I encourage parents, staff and students to reach out to anyone on the Board and find out a little more about what we do at School Council. Please bring us your thoughts and ideas! Together we can continue to build a vibrant thriving homeschooling community.

Thank you parents for everything you do!

Tobi Lyons - Chair

Brit Stanford Director   Drew McCarthy Student Rep
Karyn Peterson Director   Amy Bishop Student Rep
Sheralee Hardy Director   Carolyn Kain Teacher Rep
Andrea Haynes Director   Mike DeVuyst Principal
Kimberly Coon Director   Amy Bay Secretary
Cayleen Blackmore Director   Cara Hartley Vice Chair
Jenni-Rae Bevans Director   Tobi Lyons Chair
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