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Artist in Residence - The Seven Traditional Teachings

Our Artist in Residence Grant Spotted Bull, has dedicated many talented hours to 'The Seven Traditional Teachings'. Grant is currently working on his last painting in this series. The project will give students the opportunity to learn of these traditions as well as express their creativity when they are asked to paint one of these animals.

The seven traditional teachings are:

Eagle - Love - Pittaa - 'To feel true love is to know who we are as a person.'

Buffalo - Respect - linii - 'The essence of respect is to give.'

Bear - Courage - Kiaayo - 'Courage is istening to the heart and doing the right thing even when no one is looking.'

Dog - Honesty - Imitaa - 'Honesty is being true to your word'

Beaver - Wisdom - Ksisskstaki - 'Wisdom is using your gifts and talents to build a peaceful world.'

Wolf - Humility - Makoyi - 'Humility is considering others before ourselves.'

White Buffalo and the Sun - Truth - Aapaiai linii ki Naato'si - 'Truth is to know and understand true principals.'






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