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PEP Refresh Summary

PEP Refresh Summary

(Video of Summary link)

WAS families, we are happy to present a quick overview of our refreshed PEP program. 

Let’s first start out with what this program is not. It is not like our parent directed 600 program! Our 600, Home Education, program is meant for families who wish to design, implement, and be fully accountable for the academic education of their children.

Our refreshed PEP Teacher Directed Home-based (distance) Learning opportunity is for students from grades 1 - 8. Teachers work closely with the parent(s) to ensure that the student is receiving a full Alberta education and wonderful enrichments.

Students will be expected to attend in a class setting with their teacher once a week  to receive grade level curriculum instruction for Math and Language Arts. (Language Arts and Science at the upper grades)

Students will also receive more personalized instruction once per week during teacher tutorial time to assist them and personalize their learning. (This time may be individual or offered in a small group of a few students)

Social Studies will be offered by way of monthly project-based classes from September through December. These monthly sessions are meant to support your chosen curricular options. 

Science will be taught in a similar way from January through May. (math for the upper grades)

Physical Education/Health will be offered as a supervised class. These classes could be taught by community experts and organizations, and directed/supervised by one of our WAS teachers. Examples include gymnastics, dance, martial arts, etc. These will often be place based and activity based. The disclaimer is that if these are community-based classes they will need to provide a specific time for WAS student groups. 

Furthermore, there will also be opportunities to participate in other supervised option classes such as Art, Drama, Book Studies, Swimming, Horse Riding. etc. Students will take at least one option course during the school year and may have opportunity for more if space permits.

Teacher roles and responsibilities, as well as parent roles and responsibilities, are laid out in more detail in our brochure. 

Families still have the opportunity to choose from three to five of past years’ preferred curriculums (per subject) though our lending library. For example -- The Good and the Beautiful, IXL, Math Makes Sense, Saxon,  Learning Language Arts through Literature, Jump Math, and more. 

We are excited to add educational assistants (EAs) to our program this year who will be able to assist students in class and with face to face Zoom meetings. They will also assist teachers with events and field trips. 

In conclusion we feel that this refreshed program offers families a better-supported home-based educational opportunity. 


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