Grant Spotted Bull (Artist in Residence)

grant spotted bull.jpg

Grant was born and raised in Southern Alberta’s Blood Reserve.  His Medicine Wheel series is installed at the University of Lethbridge Library.  This four part oil painting series depicts four eras of Blackfoot experience as reflected by different interpretations of the iconic Blackfoot medicine wheel: the Creation, Pre-Colonization, Residential Schools and Healing.

Grant’s commitment to art reflects the value of community reciprocity. “If I have been fortunate enough to have been given something or to have learned something, I think it is my duty to pass these things on to others. It is all about community and sharing.”

Grant’s approach reflects the deep mentor relationships that exist in traditional Blackfoot culture. “Mentorship is about inviting, not requiring, not judging.”


Art Specialties

  • Paint
  • Charcoal
  • Blackfoot themes



  • Bachelors of Fine Arts, University of Lethbridge (in progress)