Home Education

This program allows the parent to design, deliver, evaluate and supervise the educational program in compliance with the Alberta Home Education Regulation.

All registrations must be approved by the Westwind Alternate School principal.  Teachers in each campus will provide parents with   divisional registration form, Home Education Regulation Notification Form and WAS 600 expectations, guidelines & criteria.

Program Responsibilities:


  • Reads the Home Education planning book provided in the link on the back of brochure.
  • Decides if your program will follow the Alberta Programs of Study or the Schedule of Learning Outcomes.
  • Completes the Home Education Regulation Form.
  • Plans instructional activities, resources, and evaluation methods/frequency. Parent gives this to WAS teacher at beginning of the year.
  • Administers and manages the program, updating program plan as needed.
  • Evaluates student progress at regular intervals and maintains dated samples of student work to discuss at scheduled visits with WAS teacher,
  • Reads the Funding Guidelines and plans expenditures to support the student’s program. Discusses any concerns with teacher prior to purchase.
  • Furnishes receipts for reimbursement for program plan expenditures.

WAS- The Associate Board:

  • Evaluates the student’s progress twice during the school year.
  • Provides advice about program options and planning.
  • Reimburses up to $835 to defray costs incurred in administering the education program.